Drinking Beer with Robert Scoble

As I mentioned before, I really like spontaneous events. So tonight I went drinking beer with Maryam and Robert Scoble and a bunch of German bloggers and webworkers (Sebastian, Rolf, Carolin and Christian) and family members (Robert’s aunt).

That was fun.

(note to myself: I am a lousy photographer)

After a couple of pitchers Sebastian broke the ice and asked Robert to sign his book. I couldn’t resist to this peer pressure and had to get an autograph myself:

("REMO, Thanks for meeting us in Freiburg! Good luck with your business & hope you enjoy this!")

(Pssst, don’t tell Robert that I haven’t read the book yet… I just read the first chapter on the way there… I haven’t even finished the Long Tail, The World is Flat, Tipping Point, Wisdom of the Crowds… heeeeeelp… I’m suffering from information overload!!!!!)

I even did little video with Robert for this blog:

Obviously, he’s suggesting attending the LIFT conference, a conference he considers in the following years becoming one of the best Web/Tech-Conferences on the planet. Presumably I’ll be there, too.

And finally I could capture Robert at work, being a director. I love the dog scene and of course the shushing signals ;-)

I hope to meet you in Geneva. Maybe next time I can get the URL-thing right ;-). For the record: It was trigami.com and we’re doing something like PayPerPost in Europe. My pitch was definetely the lousiest one I ever did. I hope you don’t cut it out of your video, ’cause it’ll be definitely fun to watch ;-).

Hope to see you soon. Don’t forget the Webmondays in Freiburg and don’t forget the Silicon Rhalley (aka Silicon Rheintal).

To cut the crap:
I enjoyed it!

Here’s Roberts report

Some other learnings of yesterday’s meeting
#1: Robert uses Google Reader as his main RSS-Reader (and subscribed 500+ RSS-Feeds)
#2: Robert loves Techmeme
#3: Robert recently bought a Mac ;-)